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Smartphone Application Development: Build a Business Mobile App for your Company

We build mobile software to help you stand out from the competitors!

Our company collected trained developers, designers and business analysts with a common goal to help forward-looking entrepreneurs to implement innovative technologies in their life and work for reaching higher efficiency.

Bespoke app development to fit your needs

Our team has extensive experience in smartphone application development and helping organisations to conquer the mobile market whether they want to reach their target audience all over the world or you look for a productive software tool which could let the employees work remotely and more quickly.
Our software agency specialises in creating bespoke smartphone apps which are tailored to the particular needs and goals. A dedicated project manager carefully listens to your business situation and app ideas and finds the best mobile solution to realise your ideas and meet your business objectives. We adhere to customer-centred approach and always select the development methodology which suits your smartphone app project the best:
  • If you have a detailed project brief with all the required specifications and know for sure what a smartphone application should be like, we will use the waterfall methodology accurately determining project budget and timeframes.
  • If your project idea is vague, and you are uncertain about the feature set that should be implemented into the application, our team will utilise agile methods ensuring flexible and iterative development so that it will be able to make changes throughout the development process while our development team will be able to adjust the application to your evolving requirements.
Whatever approach is more suitable for the smartphone application project, our team ensures transparency and clarity in the development process keeping customers informed about all the changes and asking for their feedback involving them in every stage of the development.

Stages of smartphone app development

Mobile application creation requires coding, designing, testing and debugging skills which enable developers to build high-quality software products for any purposes. Our team has this skill set and utilises it together with the expertise in numerous development tools and experience in multiple industry sectors. For six years of our work in smartphone app development, the company has established a coherent development process based on proven methods and concerted efforts of our team members.
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Analytical stage

Instead of building smartphone apps by guess-work we prefer to conduct thorough analytical work that ensures smooth development and performance in the way we want it to do. Our project managers and business analysts help our customers to identify their ideas, develop the concept, determine core functionality and features that might be useful for the particular project. Our team runs market research, studies competitors and target audience to make your app different from the others in the mobile market and help you stand out with your smartphone software.

Designing UI/UX

Human interface design plays a serious role in the way users interact with a smartphone application and can become a crucial reason of app popularity of failure. Since UI/UX design is a one of the key to app project success our designers pay special attention to its creation. User interface and user experience make a visual image of your smartphone application. The design team creates several layouts for your consideration to select the one which is the best reflection of your company identity. Creating user interface designers also keep in mind intuitivity of its navigation so that it had a user-friendly design which doesn’t cause any difficulties for users to work with the mobile app. We also implement your brand from program icon to fonts and colour pattern to ensure that your mobile software will mirror your company activity and promote its brand.

Writing code

When we determined all the features and design layout programmers start writing a secure and readable code for the program creating scalable architecture which not only ensures stable work and robust functionality but also implies seamless feature integration in the future when your business needs will grow and require additional functionality. At first, our app programmers deliver an MVP which is a working smartphone program with core features for your feedback. When you have a working program in hands you can better understand does it meet the requirements or not and what should it has to meet all the business needs. Based on your review and feedback developers keep our features integration or change the direction of the mobile strategy to the direction that fits you more.

Quality Assurance and Launch

Before we start writing code for a smartphone program, our team analyses its architecture and forecasts potential pitfalls and challenges that might be caused by the implementation of the functionality. This analytics lets us avoid serious problems and ensure stable architecture. We keep testing the application usability, performance, intuitivity, stress resistance, and other aspects responsible for the high quality of the program. Our QA experts inform our developers and designers if they face some performance and code issues letting them to debug the smartphone program. They also test if your app design looks equally well on all the devices it was developed for so that designers could eliminate any design incompatibilities.

Maintenance and Technical Support

Our company has a high rate of customers retention because our team provides first class services and is happy to assist in smartphone maintenance whether you need a system update or additional feature integration or anything else connected with your smartphone app maintenance. We are also happy to share our expertise in smartphone app development so that if you need technical support or consultancy from professional developers our team is always ready to assist you offering a cup of tea and friendly conversation.

What mobile application do you need?

When it comes to smartphone app development we can offer all the variety of program creation from native applications for all major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows, to cross-platform and web software development. Let’s determine the difference between these options.

Native applications

As professional developers and any other IT experts, we recommend you to create a mobile presence with the most reliable type of smartphone app, native. Native applications are those that can be found in the app stores, downloaded on the mobile devices and use capabilities of device’s hardware and operating system. Native mobile applications can utilise camera, audio system, GPS, accelerometer and others making them work for the program. Such type of app always stay on users’ home screens remaining them to visit the application every day, and one more engaging element which is available with native apps is a Push Notification functionality. Native apps use tools and programming languages which were meant for the software development for the specific platform; that is why native app performance, functionality and look are head and shoulders above than hybrid or web apps delivering excellent user experience.
Programming of the smartphone apps
  • Native iOS applications can be developed in Xcode with Swift or Objective-C programming languages. Our iOS developers obtain all the required skills and knowledge which together ensure that our team will benefit from iOS platform in favour of your smartphone application creating native look and feel;
  • To build native Android app, our team utilises Java programming languages and multiple JS and Android libraries working with Android Studio and Eclipse IDE. Our Android developers will pay special attention to the UI design to embrace all the variety of Android devices.
  • For building Universal Windows Platform applications our team utilise the latest version of Visual Studio which lets working with it using C++, C#, Visual Basic and JavaScript. Our team has sufficient expertise in this programming languages to build high-quality Windows Mobile application.
Web-based apps for the phones
Web application development had a huge progress with the HTML5 release and its support of JavaScript APIs. Web-based apps don’t require separate code writing for different platforms. Web apps are developed with web technologies and don’t need storage place. They are easily accessed from any devices including smartphones via their browsers. And unlike native applications they are much slower and has limited access to the functionality. Initially, web apps could be accessed only with the Internet connection but thanks to offline caching some of the features can be accessed offline. Our software company has an experienced team of web developers which can help the employees to have remote access to their workplace and real-time data from their smartphones.
Cross-platform apps
Cross-platform applications are developed with such platforms as Xamarin or PhoneGap. This option is an intermediary between web and native app development and implies usage of web technologies and native APIs and sometimes elements of native coding. The benefit of cross-platform development is the reducing of the development time due to writing single code for all the platforms and at the same time ability to utilise native features and devices hardware. The drawback of cross-platform software solutions is inevitable bugs which occur due to operating systems differences. Our team has several cross-platform projects under the belt and can boast successful project examples.

Why work with us

Our IT experts will ensure that your mobile software meets all the business needs and requirements helping you achieve the business objectives. So don’t hesitate to approach us and tell about your innovative ideas.
Competitive project quotes
Our development team uses the latest technologies and innovations and multiple libraries with proven code samples that let us reduce the development time and hence the project cost. If you are looking for developers for hire at the reasonable rates and without prejudice to the quality, we are happy to offer our services.
Professionalism and proven methods
Our developers lean on agile methods but can also utilise waterfall methodology depending on the project specifications and requirements. Our team keeps you involved in every stage of the development process and works within the budget and timeframes ensuring fast delivery.
Expertise and experience
The company has collected experienced and competent smartphone app developers who obtain deep expertise in creating mobile software for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile platform utilising both mobile and web technologies. Our programmers and designers have developed hundreds of mobile apps empowering our customers in numerous aspects of their business activity.
Communicative and transparent
During the development, our creative team headed by project manager strives to achieve the highest visibility using plain English while describing complicated development aspects and informing you about the project progress. Our development team works collaboratively with you shaping the engagement model and custom software solution that fits the business needs.