Advanced Application Development for Business

Bespoke software customized to your needs can significantly improve your productivity and grow efficiency of your business. In our application development company, we have a solid foundation for a wide range of first-class IT projects for various businesses. If you want to know about the options of bespoke software development of the company, contact our specialists and we will tell you about the possibilities.

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App development services

Mobile apps have a variety of features that help you and your employees complete tasks twice quicker and much more efficiently. We can optimize all the processes from management and reporting to data processing, content management automation, and customer feedback control.

In our application development firm, we do not think anyone knows the needs of your company better, than yourself. So, we begin the development process for each project through the interview with you. And later on our team of experts guides you through the entire development process to ensure transparency and efficiency. Specially trained project manager will be your personal consultant to ensure service planning, wireframe design, programming, testing, quality management, implementation and maintenance services are provided in agreed time and with high quality, according to our corporate standards of work.

Mobile technology

In addition, our designers and developers are proficient in using a wide range of tools, technologies and programming languages ​​to create first-class digital solutions. These include PHP, Objective-C, Microsoft SQL, JavaScript, MySQL, Adobe ColdFusion, and so on. These edge-cutting technologies allow you to develop visually stunning, resource-rich apps and integrate them with existing solutions or any other service to automate routine processes, facilitate content management, and ensure easy data cross-referencing.

Mobile programming language

Our team is proficient in using all major languages ​​for mobile application development, including:

  • HTML5 applies to mobile front-end apps;
  • Java is the most widely used programming language. The advantage of Java is that you can run in a browser or virtual machine that does not require a browser. This flexibility is useful when it comes to reusing the code or the upgrade software.
  • If you want to develop a complex app for Android and Windows, then C ++ is the perfect choice.
  • Objective-C is the leading programming language for iOS. It is very similar to C ++, but it also has some specific features for graphics, display and input / output.
  • Swift is the language to write code for Apple's latest Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.
  • C # is an extension of C, which resolves many of the unique features of the Microsoft environment.
Which language to choose?

The programming language you choose to create your application may be different, causing you to succeed or have problems. That is why you should carefully consider all of your choices and choose the right one for your project. So which way to go?Choosing a language is a typical problem with software development, and the answer is always the same - it depends on that.

Decision making

If you want to create a native app for iOS, you do not need any other option, just use Objective-C or Swift. If you need to use the browser front end and a wide range of media content to avoid future apps, your only option is HTML5. For anything else, check out the experience of the developer you are hiring as well as your client's preferences as well as your financial skills.

Benefits of commercial apps

In short, the simple app programmning process is a key component of a perfect business application that will add value to your business and pay off in the long run. Keep in mind that mobile and desktop apps are a powerful tool for introducing new management processes, product promotion, expanding customer base and ensuring market leadership. Modern apps can overwrite pre-completed processes manually and significantly improve the overall user experience.

Software Creation Services

Our IT agency offers all phases of application development from requirement specification to design, coding, testing, and post-launch support. Your company will benefit from a wide range of methods, frameworks, technical and software solutions to get first-class bespoke apps. Our software design experts and consultants have extensive experience in mobile technology, operating systems, devices and architectures such as open source development, cloud computing, service-oriented software, mobile app design, and building sensitive sites. A deep understanding of the digital industry and technology, allowing us to provide innovative business solutions that lead to success.

Advantages of enterprise apps

  • Stand out and drive innovation
  • To meet specific business needs and needs
  • Practice new business processes, deliver new products and services
  • Replace the manual program with an economical digital solution
  • Provide high-quality employee security software
  • Track lean business processes to maintain high standards within your organization
  • Improve response speed and quickly bring products to market

Digital solution for your business

Cost evaluation and risk assessment

Our expert training specialists evaluate the approximate cost of development and evaluate potential risks, issues, and limitations of the environment and consider meeting the needs of the business and defining the tools and technologies the programmer will use to build the product.

App development process

We will process the entire programm creation cycle, including project management, quality assurance, programming, planning, business analysis, design, testing and deployment. We use the latest application development, innovative technology and advanced tools to maximize efficiency and provide quality products in the shortest time possible.

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Fast delivery of apps

Our IT team uses agile methods for creating software as well as other best practices from leading methods to accelerate the process and provide relevant solutions that bring tangible value. Prior to coding, our experienced ambitious experts evaluate the effectiveness of your project's agile approach and develop guidelines throughout the development process.

E-commerce platforms

Our application design company offers B2C and B2B online business solutions integrated with back-end apps, payment systems and online shopping cart tools. The e-commerce platform allows you to contact customers and easily manage your products and services online.

Rigorous testing

Our team builds on a solid track record in product testing, an in-depth understanding of the industry and a time-tested approach to deliver a broad range of quality assurance services. We provide testing services that include the entire software testing lifecycle, automation testing, consulting, professional testing, cloud-based performance testing, SOA testing, and other types of testing. We have the most advanced tools and automated processes that have developed years of software testing experience to ensure optimal cycle times and high quality testing.

Wireless technology

We focus on the integration of leading-edge software, integration with popular channels of communication with customers and convenient tools. Wireless technology includes smart phones and tablets, radio frequency identification, telematics, embedded systems and smart cards, and other handheld devices.

Constellation of apps

We integrate different apps in well-aligned infrastructures to ensure high availability. By leveraging simplified and time-tested application frameworks, we can address the most complex enterprise systems for content management, accounting, and other workflow tasks.

Consulting and training for app development

If you feel that you and your company's employees need additional training to get information about the new software, our specialists will conduct the necessary training in a variety of formats, including classroom lectures and video conferences. We may provide similar services to users who wish to develop their own apps, but require professional assistance and guidance.

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Why choose us?

Our application design experience and a long history of success have made us a leading developer who is well versed in app design, programmning, deployment, and post-launch support. A deep understanding of the digital marketplace and the information technology industry enables us to implement first-class technology and leverage best development practices while focusing on unique business needs and customers.

Our team

As one of the leading software development companies, our team has extensive experience in optimizing existing business apps and creating new apps from scratch. We have more than 200 developers, designers, managers, testers, business analysts and other team of experts from around the world with business and technical experience based on research, innovation and dedication.

Good quality of apps

Our software programmers ensure that the apps they deliver have all of the following features and capabilities:

  • Social function (messenger, chat, telephone and videoconference)
  • Integration with hardware installations
  • Geographic location and battery life extension
  • Communicate seamlessly via Skype / email / phone / social platform
  • Security of the source code
  • Advanced data security
  • Enhanced User Commitment
  • Lean Application Development Methods and Processes

Get in touch

Looking for an experienced app development team to hire? We program, design and maintain first-class Android and iOS apps and customize business software for desktops and mobile devices. Let us get it, our experts will help you offer the best solution for your business and lead you to success.