Enterprise Utility Development Services

Contact our programmers team to let us help you in creation of your enterprise utility achieve high performance.

We Know How to Make Your Enterprise Work

From IT strategy and transformation to software utilities throughout the enterprise, which provides the ability of public service enterprises to optimize technology, so that people can manage access to information and transaction processes in time real throughout the organization.

Our experts in enterprise solutions have a deep knowledge of the industry and software. Combined with a comprehensive integration experience, it provides a global strategic delivery approach and a strong partnership with leading enterprise solution providers.

The alliance is essential to our approach. We have a strong partnership with leading providers of enterprise solutions, including Oracle and SAP, and new integrated players. With these relationships, our experts can take advantage of market leading ideas and new enterprise tools.

Five Important Steps for the Business Utilities Development

Technology in the cloud, mobile and social supports the revolution of the current app. Although it is not limited to innovations that can be made on behalf of companies, participating in IT is an exciting time. However, as the details of how to develop utilities and how to build them are in more detail, the situation may be more ambiguous.

Does IT need to select SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) or PaaS (Platform as a service)? How can you build and release the app quickly?

The following are five essential steps to the successful development of enterprise utilities.

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Run Fast

Speed ​​is the key to successful innovation in applications within your company. To keep up with changing and competing demands, IT needs to develop applications and improve rapidly. Salesforce Platform realizes this in two ways. Developers can access numerous APIs and code them in their preferred language. Business users can create applications by clicking on visual development tools.

Build for the Future

The next generation of PaaS creates applications by releasing IT by managing updates, servers, databases, etc. The enterprise utilities should be based on multi-user infrastructure and metadata architecture. This means that the user will not only automatically update the new features three times a year, but all the customization will be done properly, so that all previous investments can continue to be used.

Set High Standards

Custom enterprise software comes with a set of tools for the IT team to work and work with. This means a unified experience for all. Application writers can quickly create an unlimited number of applications. Users get a series of applications that look and feel the same and do not require multiple training. In addition, the platform is a single integrated and fully managed execution time. You do not need to worry about speed and managing multiple execution times. Salesforce will take care of this.

Connect Everything

The ecosystem of partners and integrators that are provided to promote the rapid development of utilities is connected. In addition, the platform should use API first, so you can easily connect all systems and devices in silos.

Start Business First

As companies try to move faster, the main way IT can demonstrate its value is to partner with companies to quickly create apps, help companies differentiate and improve their processes. With the enterprise utility system, IT departments can take advantage of the latest technologies, such as mobile and social, and move quickly into development environments while reducing cycle time. By testing this value, the IT department also sits at the table.

Why Choose us

We, the generation of basic process utilities, transmission and distribution (T & D), and packaging for the rapid deployment of services, enterprise resource planning to provide high quality results at a high speed and more predictable ( ERP) Provide a complete portfolio of solutions.

Public service executives have many priorities in the operation and results of business services. But the main objective is to improve the performance of the enterprise and cost management throughout the company.

  • Integrated single view of administration. By using cloud computing and mobile technology, our solution provides information of all usefulness.
  • Analytical capacity. We analyze the management information and help it implement strategic objectives throughout the utility and configure it for a specific approach, which includes generation, T & D and retail.

Our company has wide experience in development of custom software and enterprise utilities, our advanced IT architects will shorten the time to create valuable solution for you and reduce costs, minimising the risks of bugs. For a new implementation, we will provide the solution in the middle of the solution.

Profound Expertise

Our extensive consulting and outsourcing experience is integrated into the High Performance Utility Model to help evaluate the performance of industry leaders. This model incorporates a practical operational model and features with excellent business processes, corporate services from the management of IT services to planning, traditional ERP financial human resources and procurement (Enterprise Resource Planning) to function, has to cover a wide range of processes. The model will expose the process of each area to a more detailed level, providing a practical perspective of reality even at the concept level.

Specific Services

The services of public utility enterprises need to manage the complexity resulting from a series of factors such as:

  • Recently changing regulations
  • Continuous market and economic fluctuations
  • Attracts and retains the best talent
  • Management of new data

We can help public utilities to meet the challenge, meet the expectations of internal customers and win the competition with the ability to provide great value to the company. We're offering:

  • Corporate solution
  • IT strategy and transformation
  • Power generation core solution
  • Analytics control panel

Bring Real Visibility to Assets and Infrastructure

If you are an energy provider or a business owner, you can see that the world is different depending on the strength of the infrastructure. Therefore, for all aspects of the business we need coherent and useful data and authority to act on that information.

Using our expertise in global connectivity and energy management technology, enterprises can build secure energy delivery services with flexible, low-cost dynamic scalability.

Automatic Distribution Network

It all depends on the reliability and uptime of the network. Our energy management technology was developed to put the health of the infrastructure at your fingertips. The wireless sensor monitors the power quality of the network and sends real-time alerts about power failure, failure, repair of high-value assets, shortens service response time, performs predictive maintenance, limits equipment damage, Improve reliability score.

Intelligent Measurement

Your success will depend not only on the detailed view of the status of your grid, but also on the ability to decrypt, adjust and execute countless requests sent from all online locations, accounts, users and devices. It will be influenced. We provide energy management technology to read and capture monthly data and support energy distribution and use coordination, system and device integration, strengthening of load functions and streamlining customer response. This is not only necessary to achieve the customer's business objective and improve user’s satisfaction, but also the best way to collect the actual market news and information.

Remote Monitoring

The computer network is one of the valuable assets. Therefore, 24-hour monitoring is essential. Use a tank sensor, GPS, wireless device to instantly connect to the information you need. You can control the level and status data of the tank at any time on your desk, tablet or smartphone. Eliminate the high cost and risk of manual reading.


Field Strength Management

When customers need help, they need to be there soon. Our field management (Field Force Management), our energy management technology, doubles the power of the service fleet, redistributes it immediately, by providing activity data almost in real time, calculates an efficient driving route Reduce time of response, solve serious problems, increase customer satisfaction.

Business Development Status

Modern companies are in the age of connected customers. Nowadays, the connection between a client and an employee's company gets a great value from a sequence of real-time data (data that can be unlocked by an app). But for business IT, it is mandatory to build these utilities, so we must adopt a new approach to the development of business applications.

What is the Development of Business Utilities?

Enterprise app development is evolving to make IT more agile and collaborate to create utilities in both internal business teams and external organizations and to better understand and incorporate the needs of end users. I will do it. This is possible mainly due to the rapid popularization of cloud technology.

The high productivity cloud platform eliminates barriers to the development of enterprise-level applications.

By using the cloud, users can operate programs and services without having to deal with the costly and slow installation of hardware, infrastructure configuration and server security, uptime and availability. Local utility development solutions are fast becoming things of the past. The cloud platform improves communication between teams and collaboration in real time, and more companies are offered to companies interested in developing enterprise mobile apps.

The Cloud Development Platform can do Extensive Work

Everything from integrated tools, API and data integration, security, user administration, reusable UI components and templates, all help solve the challenges of developing business utilities. Now, small and medium businesses can also enjoy the same custom solutions as enterprise-level companies thanks to software development tool providers.

Three Cloud Levels (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) Help Companies Move Faster

Designed for end users, SaaS uses PaaS to enable non-coders to configure and create custom utilities in the cloud using a simple approach based on IaaS models and infrastructure that provides developers with many custom services in the cloud. If you want you business to be compatible throughout the process to run the utilities with minimal configuration work, contact us to discuss your needs and plans.