Software for Universities: We Can Develop Advanced Tool for our Needs

Our company offers professional development of software for universities to facilitate internal processes, enable proper decision making, to provide students and instructors with software for better learning and work.

Make Your University Digital

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The Tutors Recruitment and Student’s Invitation

Higher education management software to take advantage of the latest technology to attract future students through the current recruitment and registration process and optimized for future needs.

Student Retention

Our online ERP software solutions, higher education institutions to identify risk, reach students before leaving educational institutions, educational institutions of all responsibility, the retention rate, and improve the graduation rate.

Performance Results Structuralisation

Use the online assessment software for higher education, through the evaluation and research on the basis of various indicators, and keep track of the students enrolled in the course, to show the results and follow up on the results.

University Financing

With our tailor made software, educational institutions have a chance to implement the clear financial planning, cash flow control, set the financial operations and control the labour costs.

The SIS Integrated for Higher Education

SIS software for higher education, the information system to integrate with other software, increase efficiency, improve services, success and retention force to streamline the process of maximizing. From the first admission consultation to the graduation to manage the life cycle data of the students.

Benefits of University Digitalisation


Communicate in cooperation with student teachers, staff, parents and the community in various ways. Mark attendees from your higher education mobile application and see vacation and vacation requests. Efficiently manage grades, assignments, and scheduled events.


Manage recruitment and student data seamlessly from admission through registration and graduation, maximize retention and success. Strengthen interaction with teachers, staff, parents. Attendance, schedule, grades, library catalog, events are easily accessible.


The higher education management software improves the quality and efficiency of higher education and accelerates decision making. Provides centralized access to data with redundancy, effective communication and multiple campus administration.

Optimal Network Monitoring Software for Universities

Today's university has a common point of abundant technical access. The bachelors and magistrants will do most of their homework online. Thanks to virtual classrooms and remote studying university facilities, you can receive education from anywhere. The use of videoconferencing and distance learning has become a common way of transmitting lesson plans and instructions.

With this technological improvement, the need for monitoring and security of the network increases. Without a secure infrastructure, the technical resources of educational institutions will be wasted. Student records may be pirated, bandwidth consumed and online assignments canceled. When it comes to lesson plans, especially in advanced sectors such as medicine and science, there is no time for errors or power outages when video conferencing is often important to provide smooth and appropriate guidance.

As an example, the University of British Columbia knows how important a safe and uninterrupted connection is to education. Your medical program assigns students to local hospitals and clinics in remote areas and provides guidance through videoconferences. Reliable network connections are not important just for lessons to work as planned, but it is also essential to deliver classes on time in a reliable connection.

Network Monitoring Problems

Schools at all levels must monitor the network to ensure that it is safe and reliable, but universities have a particularly unique challenge.

Wide area network (WAN)

Unlike small schools and many organizations, most universities have a wide area network or "WAN". The university can have several campuses throughout the city. Within these campuses, many buildings and tens of thousands of students are connected to the network. This is a great challenge for the IT team responsible for monitoring the wide area network. The network is simply too big and complicated. It is impossible to control it manually. There are too many devices and connections.

Monitoring a wide area network requires monitoring software that identifies problematic devices and connections and warns or stops the equipment before a failure occurs.

Using Bandwidth

When a large number of students access the university network, they can easily exceed the bandwidth use and slow down and stop if not monitored. The university needs to implement a flow monitoring solution that allows a detailed traffic analysis of the traffic flowing through the network. You can also consider ways to provide content filtering as needed to block or avoid specific sites that use excessive bandwidth.

Heterogeneous System

Each of the thousands of students may be using different platforms to connect to the university network. Some have PCs, others have a Mac. They can use Linux, use mobile devices, or use desktop computers in the library. There are several types of devices in the university network, it is important to connect at any time to effectively monitor the university network and provide the latest information.

Limited Budget

Another important factor for monitoring university networks is the budget. Most universities do not necessarily have a large budget for IT spending, even though the need to monitor the infrastructure becomes more important than ever with the increase of virtual classrooms and distance education. Finding a network monitoring software at competitive prices (or free) is very important if the budget is a concern.


Give your University a Digital Way of Thinking

Create interactive content and rankings with Google's authoring software, collaborate with teachers, and experiment with templates you can use right away. Just exporting purchases with a single click and sending it to students or publishing educational resources for a dedicated audience, software for universities can provide the multi level authorization for reading and editing information about studies and the results.

All the documents for the educational process can be structured and updated on the new level, changing the year of education, the course of each group and adding the session’s results to the personal and general accounts.

  • Create and edit content;
  • Automate the groups and classes scheduling;
  • Implement the changes to the timetables and send the updates via emails or social nets;
  • Provide the alerts about some critical conflicts in case of necessary resources are not available for all the tutors;
  • Structurise the content for different faculties and branches;
  • Set the computerised anti plagiarism checkers and update the results for them;
  • Provide an advanced user management and content management facilities;
  • Add unique features, based on your organisation needs.

Authors can create the courses description and modify changes in a collaborative environment in real time. Teachers can use the bookshelf to share the requirements of the course. In the online course, it is possible to carry out evaluations and self-constructed reports to analyze the contents.

Our software allow you to integrate into many LMS solutions and achieve stress-free integration for your team. Let's see how you can help with a customized solution.

Strategic Planning in Higher Education

The commitment to strategic planning and continuous improvement is the center of successful institutional effectiveness efforts. To be effective, it is necessary to involve departments, programs and other stakeholders in strategic planning, while providing a solid basis for budget determination and resource allocation. From the beginning, Strategic Planning Online will help stakeholders to play an important role in institutional effectiveness as part of the planning and budgeting process. Strategic planning is created by describing the resources needed for each department to develop its own plan objectives and achieve that goal. Adapt team members to strategic planning and integrate budget plans with the strategic plan so that the strategic plan is fully funded with a strategic plan

University and Library Solutions

The provision and management of electronic journals, software apps, optical media, etc. they look for solutions that allow flexible personalized access.

Comprehensive Supply: Flexible and Safe Use

In universities and libraries, access to electronic publications, online databases and software is secure and must be traceable. On the other hand, usage control is essential for compliance with data security and license agreement, but users who use the system need flexible and personalized access to the necessary places and individual elements as needed. Those.

Active Dashboard for University

The active data analysis software of the student's dashboard provides accurate real-time monitoring and reporting of key performance indicators to the university.

What does Active Dashboard offer?

The competition for students is the highest in the current policy change, the reduction of cash, the decreasing entry permit. It is important to have access to the latest information to make decisions based on quick information to improve student registration, reduce unemployment and protect income.

  • Maximize ROI
  • Control the student's KPI
  • Management of the settlement process
  • Measure international recruitment
  • Admission and financing forecast
  • Measure the hiring budget
Improve Registration, Retention, Success throughout the University

Active Dashboards improves student success, degree of achievement and visibility of recruitment throughout the organization. You can visualize and analyze operational data for financial management, human resources and effective governance.

Our web-based university-specific panel template alleviates the need for special, time-consuming reports. Once the problem is identified, you can deepen quickly to understand the reasons and take an early intervention.

Your University Covered

Because it comprises the functional needs of each department of the university, the board is ideal for reporting data on all campuses. Active panels provide a timely intervention based on evidence and can capture data in real time in all functions of the organization. Human resources, finance, marketing, tuition, and many other active scorecards, use the "what if" modeling scenarios of the powerful incorporated, tracking the impact of enrollment trends and performance on success of the future of the university, evaluation, prediction Provide the ability of.

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